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Hard Facts that speak for steyr

Steyr is impressive – both nationally and internationally. The variety – from small and medium sized businesses to international corporations proves it. The companies appreciate the innovative spirit of the city, the infrastructure and supply of skilled labour.

innovation has tradition

High-Tech innovation is a tradition in Steyr. The location for production and development is characterized by engineering spirit and continuous expansion of R&D (research and development)-activities. Development divisions of international enterprises, research organisations like Profactor ( the University of Applied Sciences of Upper Austria, Campus Steyr form the right mix for technology, progress and top-products.
The location is embedded in the Upper Austrian Innovation Network and provides for entrepreneurs, operating settlers and investors an attractive environment.

Steyr – for all who think in the future. 

high tech and industry shape the city

Automotive and mechanical engineering form a centre of industry and innovation; formerly this was handcrafts. Industrial enterprises such as BMW, GFM, MAN, ZF or SKF are at home here. In recent decades Steyr made a name for itself with renowned companies in environmental technology and IT industry, research institutions and high-tech services. In addition to the economic aspects, Steyr - known as the ‘Christkindl-City’, managed to position itself as a tourism highlight for history, tradition, culture, economy and nature.

Steyr – for those who value good neighbours. 


 labor force - a demand to be satisfied

Steyr has a pool of the best trained personnel from traditionally highly skilled workers to software development engineers to commercial experts. Moreover, Upper Austria offers a comprehensive support program on the placement and training of employees of all industries and sectors.

Steyr – for those who appreciated highly qualified staff. 

knowledge is important

In der Schulstadt Steyr sind alle allgemein- und berufsbildenden Schultypen vertreten. Ausbildung wird seit jeher groß geschrieben, umfasst Lehrwerkstätte und  Fachhochschule, technische und kaufmännische Sparten.

Steyr - for those who want to seize theri potential.