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Technology & Innovation Centre Steyr

In 2011 the municipality Steyr merged its shares of the infrastructure associations TIC Steyr with Stadtgut Steyr, which became the Steyr Regional Development Ltd.

2000, Technology- and Marketing Company of Upper Austria (TMG OÖ) and FAZAT combined to form the TIC Steyr. 


  • KommR Mag. Walter Ortner

supervisory board

  • Gerald Hackl, mayor of Steyr
  • Wilhelm Hauser, councilor of Steyr
  • Gunter Mayrhofer, vice-mayor of Steyr
  • Evelyn Kattnigg, BA (FH)
  • Prok. DI Dr. Werner Auer, Business Upper Austria
  • Prof. DI Dr. Herbert Jodlbauer, FH OÖ Studienbetriebs GmbH
  • DI Werner Freilinger, SKF Steyr GmbH
  • Ing. Markus Vogl, assemblyman of the Austrian National Council
  • Mag. Helmut Lemmerer, Management Stadtgut Steyr
  • Mag. Harald Stellnberger, Raiffeisenlandesbank OÖ