The management of the Stadtgut Steyr supports companies during the process of location and foundation - and moreover with questions concerning promotions and grants. 


The Stadgut Steyr is growing. Properties are available in the different zones of the developed area of 19 hectares / 46.6 acres.


28.08.17 Positiver Rückblick auf das 1. Halbjahr 2017

Smart Innovation | Stadtgut-Steyr | Tic-Steyr | Wirtschaftsstandort Steyr

22.08.17 Happy Fight im Stadtgut Steyr in Planung

Stadtgut-Steyr | Wirtschaftsstandort Steyr

14.09.17 IT-Security Summit Steyr 2017

Smart Innovation | Stadtgut-Steyr | Steyr Innovativ | Tic-Steyr